Quality Engineering — It’s not only about Quality, Testing or Engineering

“Quality Engineering”.

With a preference for (too) short acronyms, I felt that Quality Engineering was the way to express what I had in mind for more valuable software.

I experienced repeated patterns of lack of transversality between functions leading to inefficient systems, software, and in the end, businesses.

It was time to make things change.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” — Leo Buscaglia

Starting with Why

I remember getting a zero at a school essay. We had to choose a revolting theme, mine was “Why must school be boring?”.

Years passed, I finished school, started to work and get experience in the software industry.

My revolting theme has changed, not only because the school system is in digitalization, but due to poor software delivery.

I decided to write this ebook — On Defining Quality Engineering — to set the elements to structurally improve the way we deliver software.

What Quality Engineering brings

A set of practices have been evolving in the right direction, inspired from other areas like DevOps, Agile, Agile Testing.

I remain convinced that a sustainable continuous delivery of value can only be achieved with a more transversal approach.

I saw so many wastes in software: project failures, multiple rework, unused features.

There are multiple causes and forces at play where a specific technique is not sufficient.

We must have a systematic way of restraining our entire software lifecycle.

How Quality Engineering is different

The definition you will find of Quality Engineering aims to change the paradigm in which we build, deliver and maintain valuable software.

The structure of this content follows the Quality Engineering mindset, like starting by the “Why”.

The content is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Defining Quality Engineering in a world where only businesses mastering Quality at Speed software can thrive and succeed.
  2. Shaping Quality Engineering, identifying its foundations, principles, manifesto and how it intersects with existing practices such as Lean, Agile, DevOps.
  3. Implementing Quality Engineering, relying on the Quality Engineering framework constraining your lifecycle to Quality and Speed.

The afterword closes our message proposing you to join the Quality Engineering’s movement.

About contributing to communities

I am convinced that increasing the frequency and diversity of interactions between peers, public and private institutions help to find efficient global solutions.

This is one reason why I dedicate time to animation and contribution to communities.

I created the QE Unit to share, learn and co-create on the theme of Quality Engineering.

This community is not limited to particular positions or roles, on the contrary.

This book can therefore be valuable for anyone wanting to learn how to deliver valuable software through Quality at Speed.

Get here On Defining Quality Engineering.

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Antoine Craske

Antoine Craske

Director, Writer, Speaker | Shaping Quality Engineering at https://qeunit.com